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“People of Sulu Support the BBL, Let them be heard!”

Posted on 02 October 2015 by cbcs_mike

Media Statement
May 14, 2015

Contrary to the claim of the Governor and his minions of absentee politicians that Sulu is anti- BBL country, the silenced majority of the Tausug people strongly support any legal and peaceful political process that will transform the current state of lawlessness, poverty, warlordism, dynasty, corruption and oppression which has been a living nightmare for the ordinary people here for more than four decades now. We will accept anything that can liberate us from this rotten system.

“This is what we would have wanted to express in yesterday’s Senate hearing on the Bangsamoro Basic Law but we were prevented from speaking out the real sentiments of our people, said Abdullah Abdan, community organizer of Bawgbug. “Those who are known supporters of the BBL were not invited and even if we were there already, we were not also recognized”, lamented one mother who refused to be named for fear of reprisal from the leaders. “How do you expect us to speak out when even the BTC staff are being harassed by the politicians here? One of them is even hiding as he was openly berated by the Vice Governor for supporting the BBL.”

More than anyone, it is the people of Sulu that needs this radical change here and now. We call on Malacanan to do everything within its power to ensure that the true sentiment of the people will be expressed and heard. We genuinely support the establishment of a Bangsamoro government which can demonstrate how government should operate. As of now, our politicians are the law, judge and executioner at the same time. This people just pocket the internally revenue allotment (IRA) and hardly report to their own municipalities as most of them are living in Manila, Zamboanga or in other big cities. This has been the situation since the reign of their grandfathers and fathers as they perpetuate their political dynasty at the expense of ordinary people who badly need basic services from government.
There are no ready medicines and support services for our people. People take justice into their own hands because there is no semblance of governance and rule of law.

“There is no livelihood and human security in Sulu. Now that it is dry season, even the agal-agal planted beneath the sea were damaged with the heat. We cannot also plant in our farms because it is contaminated by land mines due to ridu”, said Faizal from Pata Island. If only there is peace and a functioning accountable system of government that will genuinely serve the people, Sulu can easily catch up with the needed progress and development because we are very rich in natural resources.

Thus, on behalf of the poor, deprived and oppressed people of Sulu, we call upon our lawmakers to register our strong support for the Bangsamoro Basic Law. This is the only hope that is left of us. More than any other Moro communities in Mindanao, it is Sulu that badly need the Bangsamoro. If given the full freedom to express this sentiment, Insha Allah, we will all come out and be counted for the Bangsamoro.

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