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CBCS Conducted Trainors’ Training on the BBL and the Peace Process

Posted on 01 April 2015 by Ebrahim Sandigan

General Santos City. The Consortium of Bangsamoro Civil Society (CBCS) conducted a day-long trainors’ training on the BBL and the peace process in Mindanao yesterday (March 15,2015) at the Science and Technology Training Center of the Mindanao State University, Tambler Campus, this city.

The activity was designed to build capacity of the members of the Federation of Muslim Student Associations (FEMSA) as peace advocates in the academe by providing them correct, updated and timely information on current issues in Mindanao, particularly the peace process.

According to Michael Kusain, FEMSA adviser, he invited FEMSA members from two universities and six colleges/schools in the city, but he said only two university and four colleges who responded to the invitation due to some valid reasons.

The speakers/trainers were Mr. Guiamel Alim, CBCS-COL Chairperson, and Atty. Raissa Jajurie, a member of the MILF peace panel and Commissioner of the Bagsamoro Transition Commission (BTC). Mr. Alim discussed with the student participants the concept of right to self-determination (RSD), and brief history of the Moro struggle and the peace process in Mindanao. BTC Commissioner Atty. Jajurie focused on the salient provisions of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL). She also spent time clarifying some misinformation and misconceptions about the BBL, including the alleged PhP 75 Billion to be appropriated by the Philippine government for the Bangsamoro government.

The speakers/trainers were impressed by the responses and eagerness to learn demonstrated by the student participants. Towards the end of the activity, two of the participants were given opportunity to express their statements of support to the BBL and the peace process in Mindanao.


Message of Support

Good Ma’am/Sir!
First and Foremost, allow me to greet you in Islam- “Assalamu Alaykum” which means “peace be with you”.

The war in Mindanao since the Martial Law days caused its people to live in substandard human condition. They still have memories of chilling fears caused by roaring sound of mortar shelling and gun burst.
They learned to hide and run trekking through marshy area or dense forest to save their lives during the genocidal campaign in early 70’s, and the all-out war of 2000,

Truly the experiences in the war have been emotionally and mentally oppressive. It develop anguish with in the hearts and minds of the Moro people especially the young ones whom at young age were already traumatized by the goriness of war. Thus, in their later life they grow up unproductive. Some turned into drug addicts and engaged in different forms of illegal activities. Others took up arms as means to seek justice against the government whom they blame for their present situation of poverty and deprivation.

The Bangsamoro fighting for freedom is the world’s longest struggle for liberation; idt started during the Spanish time, to the American occupation, and now with Philippine government troops. That caused the death of over hundred thousands of Muslim, thousands and wounded and tortured and over a million displaced.

Today, we have the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) produced by the peace negotiating panels of the GRP and the MILF as a solution to the conflict problems in Mindanao. It is about alternative mechanism in order to give the Moro their chance to shape their own destiny. BBL is good for the economic development of the Bangsamoro and on matters of security and peace and order. The BBL provides our own police force that will enable the Bangsamoro to maintain peace and order in its own territories.

Moreover, the BBL will help to prove that the Moros/Muslims are not terrorists, uneducated, ignorant and lawless people.

More importantly, as I end my message, allow me to express my words of thanks to the facilitators of the event as well as to the speakers. Sir and Ma’am, Thank you for your tangible contribution that you’ve shared with us.

Thank you and more power!

Jaynoden Lumapinit
Spokesperson of Muslim Student Association of Mindanao State University, Gensan

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