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Posted on 01 September 2014 by consortium

COTABATO CITY – Twenty two Officers and Staff of the Consortium of Bangsamoro Civil society (CBCS) concluded Saturday their four days capacity building training on Financial Management to boost their capability in terms of handling their finances at par with their operation.

photo by Mohamad Omar

The participants to the training/workshop are those from Central Office Secretariat including their Field Staff composed of Clusters and Area Coordinators from different parts of Mindanao. In attaining their objective, CBCS availed of the service of an expert to give input on the subject matter in the person of Mr. Eribert Padilla from the Eribert Padilla and Company – an accounting and consultancy firm from Manila. The resource person substantially touched every aspect of financial management models applicable to non-government organization’s operation with emphasis on the accounting cycles, budgeting, internal controls and reporting systems to the satisfaction of the participants.

In the opening part of the activity, Mike Kulat in its overview gave emphasis that the training does not mean that CBCS don’t have financial system established otherwise CBCS shouldn’t have existed for the last twelve years. The training he stressed “is a normal process for any organization to improve and update its system more so with a continuously growing group such CBCS.” More importantly even in the early existence of the organization, it seems there is somewhat separation of the operation from those of the finance unit. In the end of the activity, it is fortunate that it was clearly stressed by the resource person that “financial management” is inseparable to “operational management”. In vernacular he expressed it that a narrative or report from operation without the financial report is “kuwentong walang kuwenta” (story without value-literally).

In the closing portion Guiamel M. Alim, CBCS Chairperson stressed the ways forward and said: “After the successful training workshop, where we will go?” And continue to post questions by saying: “The challenge for us now is how to incorporate the learning in our day-to-day operation.” The real test of the knowledge and skills acquired can still be gauged on how the framework will be applied by the CBCS Staff in their respective areas of assignments. He also pointed out that financial stability of every organization is a major factor being looked upon by funding agencies as bases in partnering certain organization. This he said are some of the immediate gains from this training/workshop and for the long range worth can be a potential plus point in the engagement and accompaniment of the much hoped Bangsamoro Government.

By: Mike G. Kulat

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