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Posted on 08 February 2018 by cbcs_mike


We are a group of Youth of Poblacion 7, Cotabato City who struggle to avoid being victimized by drug proliferation or lured by the rising extremisms in our midst especially the youth.

Related to the above, we are doing our level best to divert our attention through engaging into sports and other valuable works. However, we can never tell how long we can withstand this test, if this long lingering armed conflict surrounding us is not stopped the soonest.

So we are pinning our last hope in the passing into law of the BTC drafted BBL now being espoused by Honoorable Senator Jose Miguel Zubiri under Senate Bill 1646.

Finally. WE appeal for:

1. Senator Jose Miguel Zubiri and his colleagues in the House of Senate to stand with BTC drafted BBL to honour the gains of more than four decades of negotiation between the Government and the Bangsamoro Fronts.

2. Consider the significant and values of HB 1646 as certified by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte as “Urgent Bill”. Our apprehension is that the flow seems runs as ordinary bill and we fear that time will run out just as what happened to the old BBL under 16th Congress.

3. For the House of Senate to make SB1646 as their legacy to the long suffering of Bangsamoro especially to the youth who are “the hope of the fatherland” as one Filipino hero once said.

We sincerely thanked you Senator Miguel Zubiri for championing the BTC drafted BBL, may God guide and Bless you.
Signed this 24th day of January 2018 at Poblacion 7, Cotabaot City.

1. Rajib A. Kulat
2. Roseman A. Ismael
3. Nehanie A. Matanog
4. Raissah Queen A. Kulat
5. Basher G. Bernan
6. Leyster A. Kulat
7. Noryasin Aser A. Matanog
8. Brayan R. Tula
9. Abdawi W. Dopo Jr.
10. Yhong A. Matanog
11. Abdul Maula M. Pendong
12. Raina Icawalo
13. Salama Glang Mastura
14. Aljayn Ajeg
15. Anwar B. Sionga
16. Ebrahim Paguital
17. Abdul Nasser Silongan
18. AL-Basher K. Odin
19. Mohammed Tayaan
20. Marham A. Kulat
21. Arafi S. Arab
22. Jabar M. Alimanan
23. Alladi Zailon

By CBCS Secretariat

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