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Posted on 07 February 2018 by cbcs_mike


At least three leaders of the sponsoring organizations of the Interfaith Peace Assembly were gathered together with eight (8) media people from RMN-DXPR, CNN Philippines, Net 25, ITVN-8,City Press Bureau and Pagadian GMA-News for a Press Conference held at the office of the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos(NCMF) on December 10, 2017. Mr. Ferrer Marcaban, of CBCS also joined the activity. The Press Conference was facilitated by Ms. Leah Agonoy of the Pagadian City Press Bureau. It formally started with an opening statements of the panelist, Sultan Maguid Mruhom, the Interfaith Convener, Kiram Cayda the BM-PUSH Convener and Ust. Nuroddin Mantolino, the President, Union of Youth Organization in Zamboanga Peninsula. They greeted everyone and expressed their gratitudefor realizing this Press Conference. They said that “we had just successfully conducted an Interfaith Peace Assembly in Support of the Passage of the New BBL, held in Rotonda, Pagadian this morning, from 8:00 – 12: 00“. The different speakers expressed their support for the passage of the new BBL. It was followed by an open forum.

The media entity representatives’ questions were ranging from: Differences between the old and new Bangsamaoro Basic Law (BBL), assurance from President Duterte’s passing of BBL and what will happen if Federalism comes first?

The resource persons responded correspondingly, implying that the major differences is that the new BBL is more comprehensive since major stakeholders in the new Bangsamoro Transition Commission (BTC) is expanded to include representations of the MNLF Jikiri-Sema wing, the Indigenous Peoples, the Christian Settlers and others.

It is also a convergence of both the old BBL and the major provisions of the MNLF 1996 Final Peace agreement.

On the president’s effort for the passing of BBL into law, there are numerous statements he expressed in every major occasion on the importance of passing the BBL as means of “correcting historical injustices” committed against the Bangsamoro People. In fact, Datu Kiram Cayda head of BM-PUSH for Zamboanga Peninsula stressed that: “the president certified the BBL as ‘Urgent Bill’ in Congress”.

Dealing on the notion of federalism comes first before BBL, Sultan Maguid Marohom expalained, that basing of the Roadmap for Peace and Development of Duterte Administration there are two tracks or pathways. “These are (1) Track I – Legislative Track which is now being followed by BBL and (2) Track II – Federalism Track, which will start by completing the 25 member Consultative Committee as envisioned by the President under Executive Order No.10. But these have not started yet, since Congress is proposing a “Constituent Assembly” and the opposition is advancing a “Constitutional Convention”. Any of the three that will be agreed will be tasked to draft a proposed Federal Constitution. But Sultan Maguid stressed that: “anyway BBL and federalism are both flagship program of the president and there is no complication.”

Ustadz Nuroddin Mantolino, speaking in behalf the youth of Zamboanga Peninsula and responding to the assurance of peace once BBL is passed into law, quipped: “No one can assure peace except God, However, BBL is the best option to peace. For one it is product of more than four decades of problem solving peace negotiations between the Bangsamoro fronts and the governments of the Philippines.”

After more questions and answers, the Press Conference was ended with a closing statement of the panelists: Sultan Maguid Maruhom, Kiram Cayda and Ust. Nuroddin Mantolino.

CBCS, Area Coordinator for
Zamboanga Peninsula

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