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Posted on 06 October 2017 by cbcs_mike

July 18, 2017

We, the leaders of the Bangsamoro Platform for Unity, Solidarity and Harmony (BM-PUSH) composed of Bangsamoro multi-sectoral leaders organized in different parts of Mindanao organized primarily to help build constituency in support to the ongoing peace processes between the Government of the Philippines (GPH) and the Moro Fronts conducted series of meetings amidst the current Marawi Crisis and the declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao.

We make it known that we denounce any kind of terrorism much more if it caused the displacement, misery and devastation to now more or less 300,000 individuals scattered in different municipalities in the peripheries of Marawi City.

On the other hand, we laud the joint efforts of the GPH and the MILF in utilizing the peace and security mechanisms of the peace process by establishing the “Peace Corridors” purposely ‘as safe and secure corridor for women, men and children fleeing the crisis in Marawi as well as a reliable space for humanitarian assistance to pass through’. We therefore urge the government and the MILF that such Peace Corridors be strengthened and expanded in vulnerable conflict-affected areas in Mindanao.

We recognize that the declaration of Martial Law is within the ambit of the president’s mandate under extraordinary condition. However, we are equally apprehensive of its consequences especially on human rights violation under this state and therefore we appeal to the security forces; the police, military, its force multipliers and to DND Secretary Delfin Lorenzana as the administrator of the martial rule to be mindful of both domestic and international frameworks on human rights in its implementation.

We sympathized with the grieving families of the police and soldiers that perished in compliance with their sworn duties but all the more we grieved with the growing numbers of innocent civilians that died either by trapping or caught in crossfire which is until now continues to be retrieved in various places of the battle zones of which many already in state of decomposition.

We finally call on the stakeholders of the Marawi tragedy to end the crisis for the interest of hundreds of thousand innocent civilians who are carrying the burden of war they never wished.

And therefore, we appeal for the government and MILF to fast-track establishment of the Bangsamoro Government through the Comprehensive Agreement on Bangsamoro compliant new Bangsamoro Enabling Law as the best option in ending these decades of armed-conflict in Mindanao.

BM-PUSH Conveners:
2. MAP
5. COM
7. LBO

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